CLE Webcast option added for September Valuation of IP Summit

More good news on the CLE front.  We've added an affordable Webcast option for our September Valuation of Intellectual Property Summit.   Interested attorneys and paralegals can now watch the two-day event live via Webcast for just $499.   Event details are below.  

BVR/Morningstar Summit on Best Practices in Valuing Intellectual Property September 15-16, 2010 - The Auditorium at Morningstar Global Headquarters 22 West Washington St., Chicago, IL Learn More & Register for Webcast 

Sessions include:

  • International Standards and Risks for IP Value
  • IP Valuation and Management and their Impact on Shareholder Value
  • How Prudent Management of IP is Dependent Upon Sound Valuation
  • Roles in Valuing IP: A Case Study
  • Transfer Pricing of IP Assets
  • Monetizing IP Assets to Increase Shareholder Value
  • Patent Damages
  • The Critical Intersection of IP Valuation and Fair Value for Financial Reporting
  • Navigating legal Minefields in IP Valuation: New Case Law
  • IP Valuation Research: Defending Your Conclusion of Value
  • Early Stage Valuation
  • Where Do We Go From Here? Conference Summary and Conclusions