Valuing Veterinary Practices

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May 8, 2014
Byron S. Farquer, DVM, CVA
David McCormick, MS, CVA


Veterinary practices are much more than a place to have household pets immunized. As an industry, these entities include a diverse set of practice types, specialties, and business models, serving a broad customer base and facing changing regulatory requirements. For the business appraiser looking to the possibilities of veterinary practice valuation assignments, this variance can provide daunting challenges. In Valuing Veterinary Practices, BVR welcomes two voices whose expertise in this area is unmatched: Byron Farquer and David McCormick, whose experience includes the appraisal, brokerage, and management of veterinary practices and the practice of veterinary medicine itself. Join them to learn how veterinary practices operate, what can be learned from the marketplace for these entities, and how to properly assess their values.
Valuing Veterinary Practices
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