Valuing Very Large Estates Holding Investment Assets

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December 13, 2017
William H. Frazier, ASA


Piecing together the special considerations and components of a very large estate consisting of investment assets is a formidable task. Typically, most estates of this type are structured with a central FLP or LLC holding most of the assets. Frequently, subsidiary entities are designed to hold and manage investment assets that differ in nature from the estate’s primary asset class. Join William Frazier for instruction on the special valuation situations that can arise in very large estates that are not commonly seen elsewhere such as: blockage discounts for large positions in equities, tiered discounts, and discounts associated with investments in hedge funds and private equity partnerships. Managing data is an especially challenging part of valuing very large estates. Real estate appraisers, family offices, and small groups add opaqueness and create coordination challenges. Understanding who will be providing data to you and their capabilities and desire to cooperate is essential for bringing all the components together.
Valuing Very Large Estates Holding Investment Assets
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