Valuing Tiered Partnership Structures

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May 27, 2010
William H. Frazier, ASA
John Porter, Attorney at Law


As any appraiser will tell you, discounts for lack of marketability and adjustments for minority interests can be a headache. When the ownership structure of the appraisal target begins to get complicated, with multiple ownership "tiers," however, these adjustments can take on a life of their own, making the appraisal assignment a nightmare. To help us through that nightmare, William Frazier and John Porter will join BVR on May 27 for Valuing Tiered Partnership Structures, an in-depth look at the unique challenges complicated ownership arrangements pose. Through the course of their 100-minute teleconference, these two experts will give the insights necessary to tackle the inherent challenges in placing a value on these tricky structures.
Valuing Tiered Partnership Structures
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