Valuing Real Estate Holding Companies: What to Do When Real Property Is the Business

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May 2, 2013
Dennis A. Webb, ASA, MAI, FRICS


Tiers, fractions, and divisions are but a few of the keywords that can instantly complicate valuations of real estate holding companies. Whether for estate and gift, auditing, or general assessment purposes, appraisals of real estate holding companies involve a complex mix of multidisciplinary valuation techniques, knowledge bases, and organizational structures. In this webinar, Dennis Webb, an expert business and real property appraiser joins BVR to discuss what every appraiser needs to know when approaching a real estate holding company. For anyone assessing a tiered partnership, fractional interest, undivided interest, or any other segment of a real estate holding company, this is not a program to be missed.
Valuing Real Estate Holding Companies: What To Do When Real Property is the Business
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