Valuing Oil and Gas Properties

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October 4, 2012
Richard J. Miller, ASA


Oil and gas production in North America has been growing rapidly over the past decade, helped, in part, by improved technologies for exploration and extraction. While long-ranging debates regarding environmental impacts have been a concern for regulators, it is clear that this rapid growth in oil and gas production is likely to continue, creating a ripple effect in both the economic and regulatory environments in which oil and gas companies operate. On October 4, BVR welcomes expert appraiser and oil and gas expert Richard Miller for a look at the valuation challenges posed by current and projected changes in this, one of the fastest growing segments of the North American economy. Given this growth, valuation opportunities are likely to increase for appraisers in the oil and gas sector. Join Miller to learn where the perils and pitfalls lie and how best to reach a defensible conclusion of value.
Valuing Oil & Gas Properties
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