Valuing Franchises: Beyond Restaurants

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September 13, 2017
Nevin Sanli
industry analysis


Hertz. Marriott. RE/MAX. Franchises are everywhere. Join expert Nevin Sanli for an overview on franchises, the franchisor and franchisee relationship, and key terms found in franchise disclosure documents agreements. Learn the key considerations and potential challenges that may arise while valuing nonfood franchisors or franchisees. With over 30 years of experience, Nevin Sanli will share a detailed case study on the valuation of a franchisee that will provide real-time insight into the thought process as you evaluate the franchisee’s business model, historical financials, projected representative financials, and guideline private transactions to determine the fair market value of a 100% controlling, marketable interest in the franchisee. Invest in this informative, practical session that will facilitate expansion of your franchise valuation skills.
Valuing Franchises: Beyond Restaurants
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