Valuing Construction Companies

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May 13, 2010
Don M. Drysdale, CPA/ABV, ASA
M. Keith Prescott, CPA/CVA/ABV, CFF


If two truths are to hold for the construction industry at this time, they are these: It is an expansive, diverse, and multifaceted collection of firms and individuals, and, following a so-called "housing bubble," it has seen better days. From electricians and plumbers to general contractors and excavators, knowing how to approach this industry with reason and judgment can mean a world of difference in the defensibility of your conclusion of value—particularly in this time of stress. In Valuing Construction Companies, experts Don Drysdale and Keith Prescott help make sense of this vast industry and show how to address the unique challenges it poses in the best—and worst—of times. Construction companies can be a business appraiser's best friend, producing a depth of valuation engagements and opportunities, or they can be an appraiser's nightmare, creating more challenges than anticipated. Learn how to take advantage of the opportunities and control the nightmares.
Valuing Construction Companies
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