Valuing Banks

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February 17, 2011
Andrew K. Gibbs, CFA, CPA/ABV
Chip MacDonald, Attorney at Law


When BVR last visited the topic of bank valuations in August 2008, the industry was in a very different place. Now, as the U.S. banking system crawls out of one of the worst periods in its history, new regulations, economic realities, and trends are providing a much different background for the valuation of banks. In this webinar, expert Andrew Gibbs of Mercer Capital and attorney Chip MacDonald of Jones Day join us to discuss how the banking sector has changed and what it means for the bank valuations. Items to be discussed will include the economic climate, new regulations such as the Dodd-Frank Act, and emerging trends in such areas as bookkeeping and employee benefits and compensation.
Valuing Banks
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