Valuing a Business With BIZCOMPS: Considerations, Tips, and Advanced Methods

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July 13, 2017
Toby Tatum, CBA
valuation method


When methodology meets the data, things get messy. No matter how good the database is, you’ll often need to exclude some transactions and adjust others for aspects such as sellers financing. You may also need to consider the impact of region or the age of the comparables—and all that is before trying to apply them to a methodology. Join Toby Tatum for this ultrapractical session that takes some of the transaction methods' most ambiguous questions and answers them head on. While BIZCOMPS is used for the example, the concepts, insights, and tips can be applied to transactions from any data source. It is time to reapproach your market approach!
Valuing a Business with BIZCOMPS: Considerations, Tips and Advanced Methods
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