Valuation Techniques for a Physician Practice: Getting It Right

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July 6, 2016
Mark O. Dietrich, CPA/ABV


Anyone have two tens for a five? Long-accepted practices such as valuing return on investment and disregarding anecdotal “data” (as one proponent exclaimed: “Well, it is data!”) are being ignored in favor of quicker, cost-efficient “opinions” of value. We risk training an entire generation of appraisers in methods that fail to conform to finance theory, something akin to voodoo finance. For example, a hypothetical buyer will choose to “buy” rather than “build” an asset or assemblage of assets with no cash return on the investment and no ability to resell the assets—no income, no market, but value due to cost nonetheless. Join BVR/AHLA Guide to Healthcare Industry Finance and Valuation editor and author Mark Dietrich for an in-depth review and critique of physician practice techniques including market data, compensation surveys, and noncompetes. Ensure your physician practice valuation passes the mark.
Valuation Techniques for a Physician Practice: Getting it Right
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