Valuation of Private Equity Firms and Interests

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August 15, 2017
Vladimir Korobov, CPA, ABV, ASA
Peter Rahe, AM
industry analysis


Understanding the technical issues that arise in valuations of private equity firms and private equity fund interests is an advanced skill. Develop and hone that expertise with the help of experts Vladimir Korobov and Peter Rahe. In this webinar, attendees will learn the typical fund management structures and understand the impact of profit participation/carried interest on value. You'll get practical pros and cons about the methodologies including the discrete DCF, Monte Carlo simulation-enhanced DCF, and option pricing methods. Be prepared for frequently encountered specific valuation challenges, such as investment return expectations, cash flow modeling, reasonable compensation issues, discount rates, and consideration of discounts for lack of control and marketability. Don’t miss this session if you work or would like to work with private equity firms.
Valuation of Private Equity Firms and Interests
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