Valuation Issues in Shareholder Dissent and Oppression

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October 21, 2010
Jay E. Fishman, FASA, FRICS
Gilbert E. Matthews, MBA, CFA


Imagine, if you will, a valuation world where everything is the same, but slightly different: The fair value definition is not that of financial reporting; discounted cash flow methods are utilized a great deal, but deeply scrutinized by the court; a separate and deep lineage of cases set the precedent; and judges question valuation techniques on discounts and premiums in great detail. This world is no dream: It's the world of shareholder dissent and oppression cases. On October 21, appraisal experts Jay Fishman and Gil Matthews, both well acquainted with the unique challenges these cases pose, will be your guides to everything you need to know when approaching this strange landscape. From the essentials of the fair value standard to how new court cases are shaping the future, these two will show you the way.
Valuation Issues in Shareholder Dissent & Oppression
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