Valuation Considerations for Venture and Early-Stage Companies

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April 19, 2018
Stuart Neiberg, Macc, CPA, CFA
Liza Bowersox
Laura Markley
Neil Bagchi
Patrick Connolly
valuation method
early stage companies, venture capital


There are many challenges to overcome when determining the value of high-risk, early-stage companies. Valuations must consider not only acceptable methodology, but also the present economic and market conditions. This panel discussion features venture capitalist Laura Markley, attorneys Neil Bagchi and Patrick Connelly, along with valuation experts Liza Bowersox and Stuart Neiberg. They'll cover common best practices and guidance on techniques to value early-stage companies. Learn about corporate form, practical, and "real life" impacts of financing terms, precedent cases for economic damages relating to startups, and more. Other valuation issues include legal risk associated with IP issues, NDAs, and noncompetes. Also, participants will learn about the treatment of newer financing vehicles such as SAFEs and coin offerings. Valuation practitioners, investors, and attorneys will gain technical expertise as well as current perspective on market conditions from this must-attend webinar.
Valuation Considerations for Venture and Early Stage Companies
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