Valuation and Covid-19 Update: BVR Townhall and Q&A

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May 6, 2020
Michelle F. Gallagher, CPA/ABV/CFF
Harold Martin, MBA, CPA/ABV, ASA, CFE
Stacy Preston Collins, CPA/ABV, CFF
Gary Trugman, CPA/ABV, MCBA, ASA, MVS
global business valuation
cost of capital, income approach, discount for lack of marketability (DLOM), discounted cash flow (DCF), market approach, projections, american institute of certified public accountants (AICPA), valuation date, coronavirus, COVID-19


In part two of this town hall-style event, Michelle Gallagher, Gary Trugman, Stacy Collins, and Harold Martin talk through key impacts of COVID-19 on valuation issues. From cost of capital to family law to guideline companies, the impact on the inputs, approaches, and the business we value is profoundly felt. Experts who have weathered financial crises before are doing a yeoman’s job of keeping current with the ever-changing information. Send early questions and comments to Invite your colleagues to an event that BVR has made free for the entire BV community. Check out the first event on our Covid-19 valuation resource page.
Valuation and Covid-19 Update: BVR Townhall and Q&A
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