Using Government Data Sources to Revolutionize Healthcare Valuation

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January 9, 2019
Timothy R. Smith, CPA/ABV
Nicholas Newsad


Believe it or not, the U.S. government does a few things right when it comes to the healthcare industry. One such area is providing a vast treasure trove of industry data that can be used in healthcare valuation, including both business and compensation valuation. As agencies such as CMS seek greater transparency in healthcare, the government is making all the data it collects through its reimbursement processes available for public use. Yet, many in the healthcare valuation community are not aware of these data sources and how they can be used in a variety of BV and CV engagements. Learn about the various data sources ranging from Medicare Cost Reports, IRS Form 990 filings, Medicare provider information, and other datasets. Some of these government datasets have sample sizes that are 10 times larger than those found in proprietary surveys. In fact, some of them essentially contain the entire population for the industry segment! Join speakers Nicholas Newsad (HCTadvisor), an industry leader in operationalizing these datasets into usable information for valuation, and industry thought leader Timothy Smith, who has become a big fan of using these datasets, for a discussion on the pros and cons of using government data sources in healthcare valuation work and practical insight on using the data in BV and CV engagements. In addition to an introduction to the data sets, see a case study on using Medicare Cost Report data for valuing dialysis centers.
Using Government Data Sources to Revolutionize Healthcare Valuation
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