Transfer Pricing and the Valuation of Intangibles

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March 15, 2018
Kash Mansori , Ph.D.
Guy Sanschagrin, CPA/ABV, MBA
transfer pricing


Transfer pricing is widely acknowledged as the top international tax issue for multinational companies with related-party (or controlled) transactions. Frequently these transactions involve intangibles, and the transfer prices assigned to such intangibles transactions are among the most heavily scrutinized by tax authorities across the world. Join Kash Mansori and Guy Sanschagrin for an overview of the regulatory environment governing the transfer pricing of intangibles, and a comprehensive discussion on the valuation methods used by transfer pricing specialists, enforcement and controversy related to intangibles transfer pricing, and specific case studies. Gain an understanding of how both multinationals and tax authorities approach the transfer pricing of intangibles and the specific methods used to determine the valuation of intangibles for transfer pricing purposes.
Transfer Pricing and the Valuation of Intangibles
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