Trade Secret Assets: Management and Valuation

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January 18, 2012
R. Mark Halligan, Attorney at Law


As intangible assets continue to grow as a portion of company value, revenue, and future wealth creation, so too does the reliance on trade secrets. In this 75-minute program, expert attorney R. Mark Halligan will bring much-needed business and valuation clarity to a company's trade secrets and how the changing nature of our economy has increased their importance. Halligan will cover what every IP counsel and business valuation analyst needs to know about trade secrets in the increasingly knowledge-based global economy. This webinar will address how "traditional" valuation techniques can be used to arrive at the stand-alone value of trade secrets and will draw attention to the necessity of improving methods and practices to effectively safeguard a company's most valuable asset: its trade secrets.
Trade Secret Assets: Management and Valuation
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