The Latest on S Corps: Practical Lessons From Research and the Trenches

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October 18, 2012
Nancy J. Fannon, CPA, ASA, MCBA
Keith Sellers, CPA/ABV, CVA, Ph.D.


Despite years of debate, doubt, and uncertainty, consensus on the treatment of S corps and other pass-through entities remains elusive. Even still, new thinking from academic research, practical valuation experience, and judicial decisions are shedding new light on still-lingering questions. In this exclusive webinar, BVR welcomes expert appraiser Nancy Fannon for a hard look at this contentious, ongoing debate. Using new evidence from numerous sources, Fannon will shed light on emerging considerations and how this volume of knowledge can be applied to pass-through entity valuations today.
The Latest on S-Corps: Practical Lessons from Research and the Trenches
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