The Latest on Motions to Exclude Financial Experts: The Now—Routine Trial Tactic That Works

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January 28, 2011
Jonathan M. Dunitz, Attorney at Law
Robert M. Lloyd, Attorney at Law


The Daubert requirement that a judge "ensure that any and all scientific testimony or evidence admitted [at trial] is not only relevant, but reliable" has sent shock waves through the financial expert community. As appraisers, accountants, and forensic specialists seek to bolster their credentials, admissibility, and, by extension, their reputations, the emerging narrative of Daubert requirements and guidelines has provided attorneys and experts with a road map to both motions to exclude and indemnification from those motions. In the final installment of BVR's Advanced Webinar Series on Lost Profits Damages, attorneys Jonathan Dunitz and Robert Lloyd discuss historical and emerging case law along with their own experiences and analysis of these motions and their outcomes. Anyone whose role involves courtroom testimony should not miss this presentation.
The Latest on Motions to Exclude Financial Experts: The Now-Routine Trial Tactic that Works
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