The Business Appraisal Report: Perfecting the Art

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August 11, 2011
L. Paul Hood Jr., Attorney at Law
Timothy R. Lee, ASA


There is perhaps no more important aspect to a business appraisal than the valuation report: the tangible result of a long, complicated, ephemeral process. Without the report, neither a determination of value nor the methods by which that determination was calculated can be communicated. Indeed, there is surely a long list of appraisers whose work has been dismissed, downgraded, or ignored because their report lacked the necessary clarity. In Business Appraisal Reports: Perfecting the Art, attorney L. Paul Hood Jr. joins valuation expert Timothy Lee for a presentation addressing what makes an appraisal report work. No matter the end user's role, from attorney to business owner, this presentation will focus on what's necessary to convey a convincing conclusion of value.
The Business Appraisal Report: Perfecting the Art
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