Stripping Away the Mystery; Valuing Adult Cabaret Businesses

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February 6, 2020
Rod Burkert, CPA/ABV, CVA
David Shindel, CPA, CVA, MAFF
industry analysis
valuation approaches, industry analysis, rules of thumb, valuation methods


Valuing an adult cabaret business may make your colleagues laugh, but, with unique operating characteristics, entertainer relationships, and significant risks and contingencies, there are many concerns to give experts pause. Join David Shindel and Rod Burkert for a look at valuation rules of thumb and a discussion of the current operating environment. Learn the common reasons for valuations: eminent domain, estate and succession planning, damage claims, employment issues, and tax litigation. Learn about the various types of clubs, their sources of revenue, and the types of data they generate internally for valuation and forensic purposes. Discuss the specific types of valuation methods and approaches and sources of data along with case studies that impact the industry and club valuations.
Stripping Away the Mystery: Valuing Adult Cabaret Businesses
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