Shining a Spotlight on Nightclub Valuation

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February 16, 2022
Lynton Kotzin, CPA, ABV, CFA, ASA, CBA, CFF, CIRA
Brooke Pierce, CPA/ABV, ASA, CVA, CMEA
industry analysis
income approach, restaurant, asset approach, market approach, transaction multiples, benchmark, industry analysis, COVID-19


Get ready to jump the line with this lesson on valuing bars and nightclubs with Jason Pierce and Lynton Kotzin. The entertainment venue industry is nuanced, and the pandemic changed the approach for these valuations. Hear specific examples of specialized issues, including deconstructing the revenue streams, matching the risk to the business model, properly applying transaction multiples and other benchmarks, and utilizing lessons learned from court cases. Valuation experts, financial analysts, legal counsel, industry practitioners, and others who wish to learn more about this exciting industry should get in line for this event.
Shining a Spotlight on Nightclub Valuation
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