Science and Uncertainty: Valuation in the Biomedical Industry

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December 21, 2016


Valuation is often said to be “an art, not a science” in recognition of the uncertainties involved. The valuation of biomedical companies, though science-based businesses, is no less susceptible to uncertainty. Indeed, the biomedical industry is riskier than many other industries due to the particular regulatory and economic factors involved. Ignoring these factors may result in the doctor calling a “code blue” on your valuation. Join technology and valuation expert John Elmore in a discussion of cogent approaches and methods for valuing biomedical company assets and business interests for financial reporting, taxation, litigation, and other purposes. This session will summarize the economic and regulatory environment of the biomedical industry and address how valuation analysts can model the complexities and uncertainties inherent to the industry.
Science and Uncertainty: Valuation in the Biomedical Industry
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