Relying on Guideline Public-Company Data in Appraisals of Closely Held Interests

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September 29, 2021
Robert Schlegel, ASA, MCBA
discount rate, income approach, valuation methodology, guideline companies, public company data, guideline public company method (GPCM)


What are the guidelines for using the guideline public-company data in appraisals of closely held interests? Join Rob Schlegel to learn the background and logic for appraisers relying on public-company transaction data, including the advantages and disadvantages. There are a variety of sources for these data, and several examples will be provided as to how these data are used. Winnowing the initial data group and concluding on the best fit given the client conditions imply appraisal judgement, as well as how to adjust the multiples for size and growth differences from the subject business. Also covered is the importance of understanding public transactions in the income approach, including capital structure and components of the discount rate.
Relying on GPC Data in Appraisals of Closely Held Interests
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