Proper Use of the Multiperiod Excess Earning Method

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April 1, 2014
Anthony Aaron, CFA, ASA, FRICS


The multiperiod excess earnings method (MPEEM) has emerged as a common methodology for determining the valuation of intangible assets. Its analysis of a stream of revenue and expenses associated with a particular group of assets make the MPEEM a powerful income-based approach. With great power, however, comes great responsibility—in this case, the appraiser's selection of MPEEM inputs and careful analysis of its outputs. In Proper Use of the Multiperiod Excess Earning Method, Part 4 of BVR's 2014 Online Symposium on Fair Value Measurement, expert appraiser and Appraisal Foundation Board Vice Chair Anthony Aaron joins BVR to examine how to properly utilize this powerful valuation technique.
Proper Use of the Multi-Period Excess Earning Method
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