Practical Considerations for Valuing Imaging Centers

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January 12, 2022
Douglas G. Smith, FRBMA
healthcare, industry analysis
forecast, healthcare, imaging center


One thing consistent in healthcare is change. With continued increasing regulatory initiatives and consolidation and integration in the healthcare delivery system, imaging centers continue to be an area of focus for healthcare valuations. Trends in the healthcare economy are leading to alliances with, and acquisitions of, imaging centers by a variety of suitors. Valuation challenges abound, requiring the professional valuator to be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of the factors of influence on imaging center operations, economics, and regulations, as well as trends in the wider healthcare marketplace that influence value. Imaging center expert Douglas Smith provides a thorough discussion of the state of imaging centers today and a forecast of where the opportunities and challenges lie ahead.
Practical Considerations for Valuing Imaging Centers
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