Patent Damages: The Entire Market Value Rule

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October 6, 2011
Craig A. Jacobson, MBA
Stephen J. Lieb, Attorney at Law


Intangible assets in general, and intellectual property in particular, comprise an increasingly larger component of the assets of a typical business. This greater importance of intellectual property has been accompanied by an increase in litigation alleging infringement of intellectual property, particularly patents. As awards from these damages claims have begun to soar, so has the use of the entire market value rule increased. On October 6, BVR welcomes expert appraiser Craig Jacobson and attorney Stephen Lieb to discuss the entire market value rule, its place in economic damages claims, and its application to intellectual property valuations. Special attention will be given to recent cases, the gestation period of their damages awards, and how companies and their professional advisors can learn from these cases in protecting their own assets.
Patent Damages: The Entire Market Value Rule
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