Omissions and Commissions: Errors, Challenges, and Solutions in Business Appraisal Reports

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August 9, 2012
L. Paul Hood Jr., Attorney at Law
Timothy R. Lee, ASA


The only tangible result of the valuation process, appraisal reports are frequently subject to scrutiny and attack, not all of which are accurately substantiated. In this webinar, BVR welcomes attorney Paul Hood and appraiser Tim Lee, co-authors of "A Reviewer's Handbook to Business Valuation," for a look at these controversial issues and how appraisers can best prepare themselves and their reports. Through a consideration of both questionable omissions and inclusions, Hood and Lee will reveal what courts—and appellate courts—have said about appraisal reports and the both questionable and common errors they contain.
Omissions & Commissions: Errors, Challenges & Solutions in Business Appraisal Reports
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