Masterclass in Normalizing Compensation

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August 26, 2020
Michael A. Gregory, ASA, CVA
Stephen Kirkland, CPA
Paul Hamann
expert witness, goodwill, cost approach, income approach, IRS job aid, normalization, reasonable compensation, tax, tax court, market approach, tax penalty, reliability, valuation approaches, internal revenue service (IRS), tax-exempt, compensation


Three nationally known experts will explain how to determine reasonable compensation amounts. The principal author of the Job Aid, Mike Gregory, will explain the “IRS Job Aid on Reasonable Compensation” and share case studies with many tips and traps. One of the foremost national experts on reasonable compensation, Stephen Kirkland, will share insights and sources to help determine reasonable compensation for your clients. Paul Hamann will show how easy it is to use RCReports to develop reasonable compensation amounts for the IRS, business valuations, and other uses. These reports have been extremely successful proactively when used by business valuers in the preparation of a report for tax filing purposes. They have also been used to resolve negotiated issues with the IRS retroactively when compensation has been raised on audit. This extended four-hour session will provide what you need to know to address reasonable compensation for valuations, the IRS, and other purposes.
Masterclass in Normalizing Compensation
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