Lost Profits in Trademark and Copyright Cases

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June 11, 2013
Jed Hansen, P.E.
John W. Pilkinton, MBA, MA


Claims for damages on trademarked and copyrighted materials present numerous challenges for attorneys and financial experts. From defining the nature of the infringement on a protected idea, term, or phrase through assessing the damages and claiming a remedy to the infringement, the process involves not only a strong understanding of trademark and copyright protections, but also a solid grasp of the methods by which they are valued. In Part 4 of BVR's 2013 Online Symposium on Economic Damages, exert John Pilkinton dissects the process from start to finish, examining what classic considerations and emerging trends all attorneys and experts should know of when assessing or reviewing damages claims in trademark and copyright cases.
Lost Profits in Trademark and Copyright Cases
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