Lost Profits Damages in Medical Practices

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August 5, 2011
Mark O. Dietrich, CPA/ABV
W. James Lloyd, CPA/ABV, ASA, CBA


As with many other valuation applications and techniques, lost profits claims in the healthcare sector carry subtle but important differences from the same nonhealthcare applications. Depending on the size and sophistication of the practice claiming lost profits, this analysis may closely resemble that of a lost earnings claim or go so far as to include the recruiting and training costs of replacing lost employees. In Lost Profits Damages in Medical Practices, Part 7 of BVR's Online Symposium on Healthcare Valuation, experts Jim Lloyd and Mark Dietrich, contributing author and editor of the AHLA/BVR Guide to Healthcare Valuation, respectively, will examine the methods by which lost profits claims are analyzed and determined for physician practices. Through their presentation, attendees will gain invaluable insights into the nuances that make this analysis so challenging.
Lost Profits Damages in Medical Practices
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