Legal Contexts of Lost Profits Damages Cases and Case Law Update

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October 29, 2010
Jonathan M. Dunitz, Attorney at Law
Nancy J. Fannon, CPA, ASA, MCBA


As a legal occurrence, lost profits claims exist within a judicial realm of preceding actions and decisions. But courts apply varying legal theories, and lost profits cases change with them: context is everything. In Understanding the Legal Contexts of Lost Profits Damages Cases, the final installment of BVR's Webinar Series on Damages Essentials, attorney Jonathan Dunitz and series curator Nancy Fannon will discuss how understanding lost profits claims and their context across varying legal theories can aid in the preparation and defense of lost profits calculations. In addition to covering the varying precedents and standards across court types, Fannon and Dunitz will address those elements of lost profits cases that are common, regardless of applicable legal theory. This session will also feature a case law update, covering how recent decisions have come to shape lost profits calculations, evidence, and analysis.
Legal Contexts of Lost Profits Damages Cases & Case Law Update
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