Lawyers Roundtable: What Attorneys Are Seeing in Tax Court and What They Are Looking for in Expert Financial Witnesses

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October 28, 2011
Jay E. Fishman, FASA, FRICS
Stephanie Loomis-Price, Attorney at Law
Edward M. Robbins Jr., Attorney at Law


Part 2 of BVR's 2011 Online Tax Summit features the view of perhaps the court's most perceptive and attentive observer: the attorney. Through this 100-mintue roundtable, hosted by expert appraiser Jay Fishman, attorneys Stephanie Loomis-Price and Edward M. Robbins Jr., a former assistant U.S. attorney in the Central District of California's Tax Division, will discuss how the intersection of appraisal and tax is evolving: from new and emerging trends in the tax court and how appraisers will be affected to what attorneys look for in expert witnesses—both their own and those of their opponents.
Lawyers Roundtable: What Attorneys are Seeing in Tax Court & What They Are Looking For in Expert Financial Witnesses
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