How to Build a Strong Referral Network

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March 3, 2020
Bharat Kanodia, ASA
Joanne Black
Matthew Cahill
Alice Heiman
Robert Gillette
practice management and growth
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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently said that Amazon’s business is a “flywheel” because each stakeholder of its business creates more momentum for the next. One can say the same thing about Uber or AirBnB. Think about it: How did you hear about Amazon Prime, Uber, or AirBnB? The oldest marketing technique in the book acquired most customers of these companies: referral. Join Joanne Black, Matthew Cahill, Alice Heiman, Robert Gillette for a discussion moderated by Bharat Kanodia with the Nor-Cal chapter of the ASA and learn why referral is the most effective way to build a business. Yet, 95% of companies haven’t adopted a systematic, disciplined, referral methodology with metrics, skills, and accountability for results.
How to Build a Strong Referral Network
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