How Repurchase Obligations Impact Valuation

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February 9, 2017
Chuck E. Coyne, ASA
Tabitha Croscut, Esq.
Joseph Marx, CPA
ESOP valuations


As more baby-boomer business owners reach retirement age, the popularity of employee stock ownership plans (ESOP) are on the rise. Appraisers must become comfortable understanding how the future repurchase liability will impact the company’s future financial condition and the value of the ESOP shares. The popularity of 100% S corporation ESOPs over the last two decades has created many mature ESOPs with baby-boomer participants getting ready to retire and looking to cash out their ESOP account balances. The ability to understand how to handle these unique valuation dynamics and assist the company and trustees with decisions on the impact of various funding and distribution choices will be important to any appraiser working in this challenging valuation space. Chuck Coyne, Tabitha Croscut, and Joseph Marx bring robust guidance on this advanced ESOP subject.
How Repurchase Obligations Impact Valuation
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