Forensic Evidence: 43 Techniques and Case Studies for a Better Valuation

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December 19, 2017
Darrell Dorrell, CPA/ABV, MBA, ASA, CVA, CMA, DABFA
forensic accounting


The evidence is in. Forensic skills are not only valuable, but also critical, to valuation professionals wanting to distinguish themselves in a commoditizing industry. Join Darrell D. Dorrell for deep dives into specific forensic techniques as he demonstrates their applicability in valuation assignments with practical examples. Forensics are ubiquitous to valuation-specific applications including rebuttals, financial statement analysis, and guiding counsel. Many of these techniques are not only more robust, but also more efficient and will enable you to better respond to high-profile/short-duration engagements. Acquire the proof that forensic skills lead to a better value.
Forensic Evidence Transcript
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