Federal Tax Litigation, Expert Witnesses, and the IRS

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June 29, 2021
Michael A. Gregory, ASA, CVA
expert testimony
case law analysis, expert witness, business valuation, estate and gift tax, reasonable compensation, discount for lack of marketability (DLOM), internal revenue service (IRS)


Michael Gregory will address key rules for federal expert witnesses, valuation issues with the IRS, identify key recent BV federal cases, and introduce you to what to expect in 2022. This session will also share information you need from a business valuer that mediates, negotiates, and facilitates alternative dispute resolution to give clients timely closure with significant savings with the IRS and others. After this session you will be able to: reference key federal statutes for expert witnesses, discuss the implications of real-world business valuation issues with the IRS, distinguish roles of various players, differentiate when various tactics may be appropriate, and develop a plan to make appropriate recommendations to clients.
Federal Tax Litigation, Expert Witnesses, and the IRS
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