Fair Value Measurements Amid the Covid-19 Crisis

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July 29, 2020
Brad Taylor, ASA, CVA
Nicholas Parseghian
fair value for financial reporting
ASC 350, control premium, cost approach, cost of capital, fair value measurements, income approach, discount for lack of marketability (DLOM), market approach, tangible assets, coronavirus, COVID-19


Reporting entities in recent years generally benefited from a growing economy, which may have allowed auditors to gain comfort with fair value measurements for financial reporting purposes with relatively less documentation. The disruption to global economic activity and financial markets suggest that a business as usual approach may no longer apply to these same fair value measurements. Consequently, reporting entities can expect fair value measurements to receive greater scrutiny from their auditors and a heighted level of audit documentation. Presenters Brad Taylor and Nicholas Parseghian discuss areas of fair value measurements that auditors are focusing on as the crisis evolves and how valuation specialists and their clients can better prepare for the audit process.
Fair Value Measurements Amid the Covid-19 Crisis
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