Exploring Excel Functions That Help With Business Valuations

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April 28, 2021
Shawn Hyde, CBA, CVA, CMEA, BCA
valuation methods & approaches
business valuation, management projections, growth rate, growth projections, revenue, Excel


Several Microsoft Excel functions are already available in most modern versions of the program that many valuation experts are unaware of. If you use Microsoft Excel for any sort of process, the use of certain functions can make your templates more accurate and allow you to complete an analysis quicker. Join valuation expert and Excel guru Shawn Hyde to learn about setting up dynamic text, which means typing a sentence in a cell in an Excel spreadsheet that has one or more numbers linked to other cells in that same spreadsheet. See how a forecast can be developed that will include the appraiser’s assumptions tied directly to the forecast, so any change in assumption will automatically be reflected in the forecast. Have you ever gotten tired of clicking through an Excel workbook to find just the right sheet? Learn how to set up an internal hyperlink to make finding those sheets easier and quicker.
Exploring Excel Functions That Help With Business Valuations
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