Evaluating and Applying Control Premiums

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April 13, 2021
Timothy Meinhart
Nate Novak
discounts & premiums
control premium, cash flow, discounted cash flow (DCF), discounts & premiums, stock, transaction multiples, valuation methodology, invested capital, empirical evidence, company specific risk, going concern value, acquisition premium


In recent years, a greater amount of scrutiny has been placed on valuation analysts’ selection and use of control premiums. As a result, there has been a renewed interest in distinguishing acquisition premiums from control premiums and equity premiums from invested capital premiums. Join Timothy Meinhart for a comprehensive discussion of the proper quantification and application of acquisition premiums and control premiums and also learn about the benefits of using market-based invested capital premiums rather market-based equity premiums in certain situations.
Evaluating and Applying Control Premiums
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