Embracing the Hockey Stick: Alternative Approaches to Formulating and Assessing Projections

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November 15, 2022
Michael Blake, CFA, ASA, ABAR, BCA
management forecasts
forecast, management projections, valuation methodology, projections, valuation methods, COVID-19


The question of projections may be one of the most challenging elements of a business or intellectual property appraisal. Most business appraisers will be placed in a position of assessing projections, including projections another appraiser provided. Join Michael Blake for an exploration of the quantitative and empirical methodologies for creating and/or validating projections. As a result of this class, you will gain exposure to potentially new tools to help make your projections more robust and to objectively assess projections others provided so that you can incorporate them into your analysis appropriately.
Embracing the Hockey Stick
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