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July 22, 2020
R. James Alerding, CPA/ABV
Sylvia Golden, Esq.
case law analysis
damages, AICPA standards, expert testimony, tax court, admissibility, discount for lack of marketability (DLOM), dissenting shareholder, fair market value (FMV), rule 702, standard of value, valuation methodology, internal revenue service (IRS), generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), american institute of certified public accountants (AICPA)


Join Jim Alerding, a veteran valuator, and Sylvia Golden, BVR’s legal editor, for a discussion of some of the most consequential recent valuation decisions. This selection of state and federal cases includes two key state court rulings on the use of discounts in valuing minority interests in buyback situations, a state court decision on the admissibility of calculations of value in divorce proceedings, an expansive statutory appraisal ruling involving a public company from a North Carolina court, and rulings from the U.S. Tax Court as well as the IRS’ Office of Chief Counsel on the appropriateness of considering possible scenarios and subsequent events in a valuation ...
BVLaw Case Update
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