BVLaw™ Case Update: A One-Hour Briefing

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August 21, 2014
R. James Alerding, CPA/ABV, ASA
Sylvia Golden, Esq.


On August 21, the BVLaw™ Case Update returns with a one-hour briefing from BVLaw™ Legal Editor Sylvia Golden and valuation expert James Alerding. Join BVR’s point-counterpoint answer to Shields and Brooks, Couric and Lauer, and Hall and Oates for a discussion of recent and impactful judicial decisions that shape the methods and practices of valuation professionals. Their docket of must-know cases will include the statutory appraisal that introduced the Delaware Chancery to the DCCF method, the bankruptcy court's solvency determination in a notorious fraud case, and a New York court's stock valuation involving a family-owned specialty foods distributor.
BVLaw™ Case Update: A One Hour Briefing
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