Bernier: History, Impact, and Implementation

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March 13, 2013


In the November 2012 issue of BVUpdate™, expert Marc Bello wrote of the history and implication of Bernier v. Bernier, a now 10-year old divorce case involving the valuation of two S corporations. His analysis concluded, "After 10 years of deliberations, imputing income taxes to determine an equitable value of an S corp for divorce in Massachusetts remains unresolved. Although conceptual guidance, including the facts that income taxes need to be paid from S corp profits and S corps do not pay double taxation on dividends, arise throughout the Bernier hearings, the application of these concepts appears to get lost in translation." In this webinar, Bello joins BVR to discuss the long, winding history of this case and its legacy with regard to S corp valuation.
Bernier: History, Impact, and Implementation
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