Automotive Dealership Valuation—Navigating the Obstacles

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January 14, 2016
Travis Flenniken, CFA, CVA


Automotive dealerships are unlike any other business model. Dealerships are unique in how they are capitalized, how they trade, in their relationship with suppliers, and in their franchise rights. And your valuation approach must be just as specialized. Drill down into the specific elements of a dealership valuation with expert Travis Flenniken as he uses detailed case studies to teach specific methodology adjustments every auto appraiser needs to know. Get a grasp on unique practices such as offshore insurance subsidiaries, insurance “kickbacks,” multidealership ownership considerations, real estate issues, and common financial statement “tricks” often employed by dealers when reporting to manufacturers. Attend this webinar to drive your practice forward with this best-in-class event.
Automotive Dealership Valuation--Navigating the Obstacles
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