Ambulatory Surgery Centers: Current Valuations, Benchmarking and Forecasting

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March 22, 2011
Kevin McDonough, CFA
Todd J. Sorensen, AVA


A growing part of a fast-changing industry, ambulatory surgery centers (ACSs) are becoming an increasingly important part of the healthcare landscape. As Todd Sorensen notes in the AHLA/BVR Guide to Healthcare Valuation: "As patient care continues to migrate from an inpatient setting to an outpatient setting, surgery-center transactions have become one of the most popular joint-venture relationships involving both for-profit and not-for-profit healthcare providers and surgeons who perform outpatient surgery." In Ambulatory Surgery Centers: Current Valuations, Benchmarking, and Forecasting, Part 3 of BVR's Online Symposium on Healthcare Valuation, Sorensen joins Elliot Jeter and Kevin McDonough for an in-depth look at the valuation challenges inherent in ASCs and how these entities are changing as healthcare evolves. Discussion will also focus on the procurement and analysis of data used in the valuation of ASCs, along with the validity of said data.
Ambulatory Surgery Centers: Current Valuations, Benchmarking & Forecasting
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