Advanced Workshop on Regression Analysis

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September 13, 2012
Dr. G. William Kennedy, Ph.D., CPA/ABV


Perhaps no valuation technique or method is more misunderstood or underutilized than regression analysis. When ignored, it removes a powerful and highly insightful tool from the valuation process, leaving the appraiser attempting to utilize less appropriate methods to accomplish similar results. While its omission may be a result of misunderstanding, an inability to explain and defend its workings, or a lack of awareness of its usefulness, it is a method not to be ignored. In the Advanced Workshop on Regression Analysis, BVR welcomes expert William Kennedy for an intensive four-hour examination of how to apply, analyze, and defend regression analysis throughout the valuation process. Join Kennedy, a Ph.D., former statistics and finance professor, and AICPA BV Hall of Famer, as he explains the theory behind regression analysis, walks attendees through its uses and applications with case studies and live examples, and examines what courts have said about this powerful technique.
Advanced Workshop on Regression Analysis
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