Advanced Workshop on Normalization Adjustments

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December 6, 2012
Brandi L. Ruffalo, MBA, AVA
Garth M. Tebay, CPA, CVA, CFFA, CM&AA


It's been said that the business appraisal process is part art, part science. The same could be said of normalization adjustments. In making adjustments to the earnings, compensation, and other aspects of the balance sheet, appraisers must make reasoned, defensible, and subjective judgments based on objective observation and evidence. In the Advanced Workshop on Normalization Adjustments, experts Garth Tebay and Brandi Ruffalo join BVR for an intensive, interactive workshop examining all aspects of normalization adjustments. From the processes through which normalization adjustments can be determined to effectively implementing those adjustments, Tebay and Ruffalo will cover what every appraiser needs to know in this exclusive event. Join them to learn which methods are available to determine normalization adjustments, how to put that analysis to use, and what the courts are saying about normalization adjustments today.
Advanced Workshop on Normalization Adjustments
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