Theory of Damages for Closely Held Company’s Officers’ Breach of Fiduciary Duty of Disclosure in Connection With Redemption of Corporate Stock Explored

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April 29, 2003
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breach of fiduciary duty
breach of fiduciary duty, minority shareholder, minority oppression

Judith A. Lawton et al. v. Robert Nyman et al.
327 F.3d 30, 2003 U.S. App. LEXIS 8069
Federal Court
1st Circuit
United States Court of Appeals
William Piccerelli (for directors and officers) <br> Steven Carlson (for minority shareholders)


The U.S. Court of Appeals considered the fiduciary duties between majority and minority shareholders in a closely held company and damages flowing from that breach.

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Judith A. Lawton et al. v. Robert Nyman et al.

Following trial, the district court found officers and directors with voting control of a closely held family corporation, Nyman Manufacturing Co., to be in breach.